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New digitalisation strategy with IFS Applications and Kreuzbauer IT


MAURER SE, the world's leading steel and mechanical engineering company headquartered in Munich, Germany, has chosen IFS Applications™ to develop a new digitalisation strategy. IFS's experience and closeness to the industry in the field of mechanical and special engineering as well as in the construction industry make it the perfect partner for the company with its focus on building protection systems and structural steel engineering, which continuously develops and optimises its own products and installs customised, innovative solutions.

The extensive features of IFS – such as international group solution, multi-company, modern interface, experience in their field, but also geographical fundamentals such as a strong presence in Germany and multilingualism – convinced MAURER SE to replace their old AS400 ERP system with IFS Applications™, combined with numerous stand-alone solutions. Challenging aspects of the implementation were the additional locations, the large number of key users and a small IT team.

Cooperation with Kreuzbauer
The decision to continue working with Kreuzbauer after the implementation by IFS was based on their many years of experience with IFS Applications™ and the high level of professional and technical know-how that Kreuzbauer combines. As it soon turned out, not only a fast and uncomplicated implementation of the technical tasks with agile programming is offered, but also a regular on-site presence.

DI Schittko, CIO of MAURER SE, adds: "Kreuzbauer IT was mentioned to us as an insider tip and we would very much like to confirm that. The geographical proximity was and is important to us, agile programming on site as well as fast response times and customer-oriented adjustments on demand have proven to be particular advantages in the cooperation with Kreuzbauer IT. Offshore development was and is not an issue for us. The significant reduction in conceptual effort was made possible by Kreuzbauer IT's high level of process understanding and wealth of experience and exceeded expectations."

"The long-term partnership between the two companies is of great interest to MAURER SE, as complex, technical IT know-how cannot be maintained independently and it was therefore purposeful to invest in a sustainable IT partnership. Kreuzbauer IT is familiar with the specialist processes and the employees of both companies know each other, which is also very conducive to smooth and efficient cooperation."

About the company MAURER SE
MAURER SE was founded in 1876 and has been an independent, family-owned company ever since. Their focus remains on steel construction and their knowledge of physical forces in buildings and complex dynamic structures as well as bridges enables them to develop optimal solutions for their clients when there is a threat of climatic or other impacts. Products such as expansion joints or vibration dampers offer the best possible protection against damage to various structures.

The unsurpassable quality, safety and durability, as well as the constant setting of new goals towards optimisation and customer satisfaction, are just some of the outstanding characteristics of the MAURER SE company.

Approximately 1000 employees produce at three locations in Germany as well as in subsidiaries in Turkey, India, Brazil and China. The MAURER Group secures its market position worldwide through constant innovation.

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