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Step Aside, Monoliths: Meet the Composable Enterprise

A composable enterprise, defined by Gartner as “an organization that delivers business outcomes and adapts to the pace of business change”, relies on...

What are the advantages and benefits of an AI (artificial intelligence)-powered ERP system?

AI-powered ERP systems are gaining recognition due to the excessive increase in business complexity.

A Season For Change

How Industrial Leaders Are Taking A Stand For Climate Action

ESB, Enterprise Service Bus or iPaaS, Integration Platform-as-a-Service - What is the difference?

iPaaS and Enterprise Service Bus have the same core task: the integration of applications in a company.

Robots - little helpers in industry

What can robots contribute to successful work?

ERP Future-Business 2021

Bei der ERP Future-Business am 21.09.2021 dreht sich alles um Enterprise Ressource Planning (ERP) und Business Software.

The path to great customer experiences

Businesses thrive on good reviews; these in turn thrive on good experiences from customers. The IFS study "Fixing the fundamentals: Understanding new...

Partnership with Pagero

Nothing is hindering global reach anymore, as Kreuzbauer has recently become a partner of the Swedish company Pagero.

IFS acquires Customerville

IFS has recognised the potential of the British company and has adopted its technology into the IFS Cloud offering.

How important is sustainability to you?

Manufacturers are facing green supply chain mandates from their customers, who are more and more intending to make purchasing decisions not only based...

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