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The Benefits of AI in Supply and Demand Forecasting

Courtesy of the digital twin, manufacturers can gain valuable insights and adapt to changing market demands. By leveraging AI within supply and demand…

Why Shaping the Future is important for Manufacturers

Moving beyond Operational Excellence, Agility, and Innovation with a New Approach to Digitalization

5 reasons to consider IFS Cloud for energy, utilities & resources

The energy, utilities, and resources industry is a complex and rapidly evolving industry that requires specialized solutions. The good news is that…

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European Manufacturing 2023: Threats and Opportunities

2023 remains a challenging year for European manufacturers. How strong are the headwinds and do they even affect Europe’s industrial future?

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Composable Applications for Composable Business

Given the fierce competition in the enterprise world and the rapid increase in consumer expectations, there is only one solution: to be a "Composable…

Embracing modern methods of construction, new technology and digitalization is even more critical.

IFS own research suggests that within 5 years, 50% of all construction projects will use offsite/modular manufacturing and/or 3D printing.

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Partnership with ClickLearn

We at Kreuzbauer IT have entered into a partnership with ClickLearn.


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IFS Cloud Release October 2022

IFS Cloud October 2022 22R2 release to accelerate business automation and increase advanced analytics capabilities for enterprises.

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Sustainability: Either a Top or Very High Priority in the Boardroom

In a recent report it was found that 40% of all CO2 emissions in the world originate from the construction industry – which is something that cannot…

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