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Construction & infrastructure

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IFS provides project management and asset lifecycle softwares to the engineering, construction and infrastructure industries. Recognised as a leader, these solutions support the entire lifecycle -from engineer, make or built to maintain- as fully integrated enterprise software solutions for managing the creation and maintenance phases of an asset.
The solution is used for many asset types, including infrastructure, buildings, energy, utilities, mining, and facilities.


Margins are under pressure and the competition in the construction, infrastructure and industrial services sectors is increasing. Large long-term individual projects have to be completed on time and within budget, while this industry is struggling with a shortage of skilled workers and low productivity. Efficient management of new projects using data-driven, integrated processes and systems is the key to becoming one of the winners in the future. Learn more about IFS software solutions for construction and infrastructure.

Is your organization involved in providing projects for design, construction or renovation? Does your organization have assets or is it involved in providing maintenance or facility management services for assets? Or are you involved in both building and maintaining the life of an asset? IFS is a specialist in project and asset lifecycle management.

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