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Enterprise Business Capabilities



Software for the production


Do you work with a future-proof ERP software?

Agile manufacturing companies are characterized by a proactive, flexible and smart reaction to changes or unforeseeable brand developments.
Nevertheless, no company can act and react agile and flexible without the necessary support of IT-supported, intelligent tools.
In addition, when making an investment decision about a new software solution for your production control and production planning, you need to take a number of factors into account.
For example, whether you will be able to scale as needed in the future or expand internationally with your ERP system. Do you have flexible deployment options (software local or in the cloud)?

Comprehensive project software

A project-oriented, integrated solution.

We offer a dedicated project-oriented, integrated solution that manages all phases of a project and the life cycle of an asset.
From design and procurement to manufacture, construction and maintenance, it manages the entire life cycle:

  • Project Contract to Bid (Business development, CRM, estimation)
  • Contract to Cash (Contract management, variation order management, payment requests, milestone billing and reimbursable billing)
  • Engineering and Design (PDM, BIM & CAD Integration, Document Control, Time and Progress Tracking)
  • Production (including support for Offsite and Modular)
  • Construction and installation (Work packages, subcontract management, equipment rental)
  • Project planning (Integration of Gantt, MS Project and Primavera)
  • Project management (Progress and profitability, project cost forecast, resource planning)
  • Chances and risks
  • Supports your Digital Asset Lifecycle Journey (BIM, Robotics, Digital Twins, IoT, AI)

This also includes the support functions of Human Resources, Quality, Health, Safety and Finance.

Service - Enterprise Service Management

Enterprise Service Management offers comprehensive service and asset management functions with all the advantages of a comprehensive ERP solution. 
As early as the beginning of 2017, the American business magazine "Forbes" ventured a prognosis that made people sit up and take notice: In the future, every company will become a software company and ultimately a service company. This will affect internal processes as well as external customer processes.
Regardless of whether you are an independent provider, work within a service function in a large company, provide basic services or large, complex service projects, our Enterprise Service Management application offers you the following advantages, for example;

  • Transparency gain over the handling of external business processes
  • Cost reductions through the integration of service and product logistics
  • Reduction of warehousing costs by reducing the stock of spare parts
  • Optimization of the quality of customer service
  • Increase in turnover achieved through customer service
  • Prevention of obsolescence of spare parts through improved predictability of parts requirements
  • etc.

Supply Chain Management

As an essential part of overall complex business processes with numerous dependencies on core processes such as service, manufacturing or projects, the supply chain management software offers functions such as procurement, warehousing and sales as core components.

For example

  • Sales forecasts and demand planning
  • Inventory planning and replenishment
  • Planning and execution for multiple sites and companies to ensure transparency and coordination of the supply network
  • Warehouse management solution with extended functions
  • CRM, sales order management and customer billing to capture all transactions and interactions from opportunity to cash
  • SRM, order management, arrival and inspection for a complete procurement solution

will be provided.Industry 4.0 is changing the world. Especially in high-wage regions such as Europe, it offers new opportunities to optimize costs arising in SCM. Companies are faced with completely new challenges, because in order to survive successfully as a "Smart Factory", seamless integration and networking of administrative and planning IT systems with the production infrastructure must be guaranteed.


Seamless integration with all IFS solutions and a comprehensive range of functions puts IFS Financials at the heart of the business, providing accurate and timely accounting information for reporting and making decisions.
Wherever the key challenges lie in your business, IFS Financials provides the ability and support to present the information you need, when and where you need it most.
For business consolidation, project financial controls, strategic forecasting, operational performance and global compliance, IFS Financials helps customers today to achieve tomorrow's achievements.

Financial Accounting

Integrated general ledgers enable management and auditing throughout the accounting cycle, resulting in faster and more accurate financial statements. The same information can be used to drill down to the source and drill down to consolidation items.
Highly graphical visual dashboards provide each user with a role-based view of critical information and direct access to system access points when authorized.
Automation-ready!, information sharing, and intelligence capabilities ensure process optimization regardless of your process configuration, architecture, or future requirements.

Management Accounting

With multiple general ledgers and multiple code parts from a single entry, the information needed for financial decision making is abundant, giving the financial accountant and financial analyst more time to report performance to operational decision makers.
With one click, the company can be viewed through many lenses, including unit, manager, product, project, geography, or combinations thereof.
Direct Microsoft Excel integration simplifies reporting and provides the data set in a familiar tool for further analysis.

Project accounting and financial control

Starting with the award of the contract, an end-to-end process culminating in decommissioning and handover, the IFS Project Financial Control Suite offers a capability that builds on and develops our extensive industry experience.
The suite includes the ten control principles: Risk Register, Insurance, Treasury, Subcontractor Performance, Procurement Plans, Cost Curves, Revenue and Milestone Settlement Schedules, Cost and Profit & Loss Statements, Project Cash Control, and Legal Compliance for Traded Revenue and Margins.

Strategic accounting and corporate performance

Corporate Performance Management (CPM) is the area of strategic accounting, which focuses on providing meaningful business information for intelligence forecasting, enabling decision makers to achieve the desired business results.
The IFS CPM suite includes integrated and auditable actuals, budgets and forecasts with Business Digital Twins. In this way, the scenario game can deliver results-based predictions and visualisations of current and future performance that are compared to internal and industry standards.
Whether used for FP & A only, resource planning, consolidations, visualisation of business strategies or combinations thereof, IFS CPM can provide the insight needed to achieve business objectives.

Global finances

Whether for global, multinational companies, or mid-sized businesses looking to expand now or in the future, IFS Financials is ready for growth and is delivered ready for immediate deployment with multiple parallel general ledgers and in compliance with country-specific compliance and regulatory requirements in many countries and regions.

With a global support package covering multiple languages, multiple currencies and multiple jurisdictions, your company will always be up to date and supported with IFS Evergreen updates.
With our Business Digital Twin, global macroeconomic factors can be programmed into our CPM solutions to assess business risk and deliver real-time predicted results based on input from global events and scenarios.

Human Capital Management

Global core data

Information begins as data. With our HCM solution, you can easily create a global data repository for all employees of a company or group of companies and transform your data into enriched personal information that supports decision-making.
Maintaining high data standards for accuracy and security is a critical part of this. With IFS' enterprise-wide security features and IFS' mobile device self-service, you have information you can rely on.
Add an easy-to-use, graphical application suite to that and you have all the data and information you need.

Allocate and pay time and costs

Time is money, which makes the booking of chargeable time for projects and cost centers an essential means of recording time-based costs. Added to this is the complexity of variable rates according to role, contract, jurisdiction and competence. You need a time-based calculation engine.
IFS enables complex time-based costing, including direct costs, tailored to your specific needs. With elements linked to time payments through payroll and a fully integrated travel and expense reporting solution, you have the ability to allocate and pay for them according to your corporate, legal and/or contractual rules.

Managing perfomances 

The people in your organization should be able to use powerful assets to achieve optimal performance.
Considerations should include self-assessment, goal recognition and performance measurement, feedback and leadership. All with regular review periods.
With IFS Human Capital Management, the performance of employees and managers can be managed using a flexible solution that provides appropriate consideration when needed.

Develop talents

With globalisation, the improvement of commercially available technologies and changes in stakeholder expectations and trends, the roles must change.
Developing talent in organizations is an essential part of keeping valuable employees on board and keeping the company on track with progress.
Whether through onboarding, partnering, outsourcing or maintenance, IFS Talent Management enables organisations to ensure that employees are in the right place at the right time and have the right skills.

Strategic planning

What resources do you need to make your strategy successful? What skills do you need? Where are they used? How many do you need? Have you considered wear and tear factors based on core data?
Future resource requirements and planning how to meet them are an important component in achieving your strategic goals. IFS solutions enable the digitalisation of strategies and provide the skills and volume data that inform the workforce planning process.
If you go one step further, the same data can be used by budgeting and forecasting teams to ensure that funding is available to implement plans.

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