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Production & manufacturing

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IFS Cloud has a long tradition as the preferred solution in the automotive industry.
Customers in the automotive industry enjoy support for the entire lifecycle - from design integration to demand management, supply chain management, full production, distribution and after-sales service. Finance, human resources and support for lean initiatives like Kanban are fully integrated as well. The automotive ERP software solution from IFS Cloud is suitable for vehicle manufacturers/assemblers and Tier 1 to Tier N suppliers.

Chemical production

Act proactively - from product development including simulation and tracking of formulas and recipes to their advanced management, production sequencing, ecological footprint calculation, multi-channel sales, different sizes and packaging options. Managing processes, formulas and materials, regulatory controls, the complexity of bulk materials management and integration with production facilities and equipment are just some of the key challenges facing the chemical manufacturing and distribution industry today. In addition, many industries must comply with national and international regulations for hazardous substances such as REACH, TSCA and CSIA. IFS Cloud meets these requirements with a fully integrated ERP software solution for the chemical manufacturing industry.
Whether you are struggling with complex processes, need to keep up with regulations, or are simply trying to establish complex integrated process flows, we have the solution for you.

Discrete production

We have deep knowledge of the discrete manufacturing industry with advanced innovative features tailored to meet the current needs of businesses and support them on their way to the fourth industrial revolution. Recognised as a leading global ERP provider for discrete manufacturing, IFS provides valuable solutions for:


  • industrial manufacturers
  • high-tech manufacturers

Our experts are committed to ensuring your future success by providing world-class discrete manufacturing ERP solutions and industry expertise to prepare you for the tasks ahead.

Industry-leading know-how in the entire manufacturing process

Food & Beverage

The food and beverage industry is constantly evolving in terms of consumer choice and preferences, with an increasing demand for high quality fresh, chilled and frozen products and a constant need for innovation. Large retailers, together with the food service sector, have an enormous influence on the food and beverage market. Increasing regulations on traceability, clean labelling, reduction of salt and fat, production costs and lead times mean that the food industry today is more flexible than ever.
Whether you are struggling with retailers, need to keep up with regulations or are simply trying to establish integrated processes, we have the solution for you.

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