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An ERP system has the same importance for a company as the central nervous system for a complex organism. It is simply indispensable. To enable it to fulfil its tasks, you need a suitable partner for implementation. Who thinks strategically and acts pragmatically like you. Who is familiar with your industry. Who listens, understands and acts accordingly. A team player who plans and implements together with you and is there for you when unavoidable questions or problems arise. Our common goal is not only the development, adaptation and introduction of a new ERP system. It must also be integrated into the running business in a way that the transition from the previous to the new system runs without distortions and frictional losses. And finally, it should fit perfectly into your company structure, be accepted by your employees and open up new opportunities for future challenges. Welcome to Kreuzbauer IT! How can we help you?

ERP Consulting

Ideally, ERP software maps operational processes in the way they are already running in the company or should ideally be in the future. With our knowledge and our industry-specific and cross-industry experience, we set new impulses in the design of a system that fits your requirements.


So that your ERP solution can be used intuitively, we develop it individually, design user-oriented interfaces, program adapted access hierarchies and create new interfaces that open up completely new possibilities for your company, such as IoT.


ERP solutions are not plug-and-work solutions. The implementation in your company should therefore be planned and executed in steps according to organizational, financial and human requirements. This pragmatic approach distinguishes Kreuzbauer IT.

Service & support

The ERP software must not only be based on the hardware, but also in the minds of the people who work with it every day. That is why training, maintenance and expansion according to specific requirements and trouble shooting are a decisive feature of Kreuzbauer IT.

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We are specialists and always want to achieve the best for our customers. We have missed you for this. As an expert. As an individual. As a team player. We have created the perfect environment for you to really make the most of your skills and potential. Financially, we take your needs into account as well as the design of your working environment and working hours. So if you want to grow with us, show us your strengths. Intitiative or on our current job offers. We look forward to getting to know you personally.

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