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New digitalisation strategy with IFS Applications and Kreuzbauer IT

MAURER SE, the world's leading steel and mechanical engineering company headquartered in Munich, Germany, has chosen IFS Applications™ to develop a...

ERP Future 2021

Kreuzbauer IT wird als österreichischer Vertreter und Anbieter des weltweit genutzten ERP Systems von IFS gemeinsam mit acht weiteren Ausstellern auf...

Manufacturing growth with upgraded IFS capabilities

Following its recent upgrade from IFS Applications 8 to IFS Applications 10, Francisco Muñoz, IT Manager, looks back on the commercial growth behind...

The current challenges in the process industry

Achieve significant competitive advantages with an integrated ERP system!

Relevanz von Daten nimmt stetig zu

Daten werden für die Unternehmen in Deutschland immer wichtiger. Für 85 Prozent hat die Nutzung digitaler Informationen inzwischen eine große...

Q&A with IFS partner: Kreuzbauer

Wilfried Kreuzbauer, CEO of the Austrian company Kreuzbauer IT, took some time off from helping customers to talk about their business, partnership...

Increase your company value!

What can your new ERP system offer you for the future?

IDC Servitization Barometer

Manufacturers, retailers, and other businesses have, over the course of the last several years, diversified their product offerings by productizing...

Why is the integration of company data so important and what does it actually mean?

Data is the an essential asset of modern companies. They not only guide strategies and provide information for decisions, but also strengthen the...

iPaaS in modern IT-environments

Nowadays, organizations can use iPaaS products to create anything in the cloud - including the network itself.

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