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A Season For Change


Industrial Leaders Survey Report 2021
In early 2020, climate change and sustainability were widely acknowledged as the world’s biggest challenge, and boardrooms across the globe were making a response to their priority. But in the blink of an eye, the crisis upended the world’s operating assumptions. The sheer scale of the crisis that engulfed the planet has necessitated urgent and unprecedented action from everyone: governments, corporations, households, and individuals. 

For many businesses, everything else dropped by the wayside as leaders scrambled to protect their workers and their profit margins. In 2021, that focus has shifted to repositioning themselves for the recovery period, which often includes a whole different take on how companies function on a day-to-day basis and how they offer their services to customers. What comes as a surprise, then, is that our latest survey shows leaders in the industrial sector in particular have managed to navigate the pandemic without sacrificing their climate commitment.

September 2021, Jan Duniec and Flemming Riber from Stanton

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