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Composable Applications for Composable Business


For many years now, IFS has been pursuing a strategy towards modular architecture. As application requirements and functionality became more complex, it made sense to subdivide different components of a program to facilitate deployment, development and maintenance throughout the lifecycle.

This enables companies to deploy business solutions that,

  • reduce the operational complexity of traditional workloads and increase operational dynamics,
  • significantly improve agility, flexibility and cost efficiency
  • scale digital creativity and innovation faster, for example, by redeploying applications as business needs change,
  • save end users time, reduce additional effort, and enable more accurate, better information,
  • ensure easy and cost-effective maintainability, as well as fast and high scalability,
  • connect easily with other solutions and systems,
  • significantly increase overall business performance.

Given the fierce competition in the enterprise world and the rapid increase in consumer expectations, there is only one solution: to be a "Composable Business".

Legacy IT architectures and legacy systems are no longer able to respond well and flexible to rapid changing customer needs and business requirements.

To increase the competitiveness of the business and the increasing customer expectations, a composable architecture is the only realistic solution.

Watch IFS's video regarding this topic here.


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