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Construction with IFS


IFS is a leading Business Software enterprise that provides customers, that produce and sell goods, build and deliver services, with solutions for every branch of a company combined in one data model: IFS Cloud. Its software is known worldwide for its excellence, flexibility and, of course, its real-time performance.

Especially in the construction sector, there are many qualities that companies can profit off by using IFS solutions; Customers like Multiplex, Premier Modular and Babcock International Group benefit from IFS Cloud. IFS Cloud enables enterprises to manage their different processes within one single solution. It's our goal to give our customers a consistent user experience and focus on their requirements to grow together as a team. IFS Cloud provides solutions for:

  • General Constructors
  • Speciality & Engineering Contractors
  • Residential & Property Developers
  • Modular & Prefabricated Manufacturers
  • Heavy and Civil Contractors

Getting you live as quickly as possible and establishing the flexibility to integrate more to the IFS Cloud solution as your company grows and changes over time, especially in times of Covid where change is inevitable, is our value. This enhanced agility will help your company to adapt, innovate and grow, as well as reduce commercial risks since the reports of the process will be accurate. Time will be saved, costs reduced and quality amplified because of the precise predictability of the Project Delivery. Also, through process automation, the efficiency of your company's processes will be increased. 

We at Kreuzbauer IT bring many years of experience in servicing IFS ERP software and introducing our customers to IFS’ unique competencies and advanced project management, together with its project controlling capabilities, that have been proven best of breed in the industry. We are looking forward to building a future with you.

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