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ERP solutions are specifically designed for demanding environments in complex, rapidly changing and data-driven industries.

For production in discrete manufacturing, as well as process manufacturing, traceability in the food and beverage, aerospace and defense industries, as well as project-oriented engineering and complex service structures, the highest demands are expected.

We offer enterprise resource planning software that stands out from the market. Less complex and rigid than some other ERP suites. Instead, we help you to quickly take advantage of new technologies and changing markets and maximize the agility of your business.

The application can be configured for a variety of industries and is characterized by demanding environments in which elements from manufacturing, project, service and asset management are combined according to your specific requirements. In selecting our software, we remain committed to our principles of choice, parity and openness. You can choose by not limiting yourself to one offer, but by using the technologies and architectures you want to cover the desired solution areas.

Whether you are using a single, local business unit solution or a comprehensive wall-to-wall ERP and EAM solution from a global company, we bring all the comprehensive functionality to bear right from the start.

The added value is created from the very beginning with the configuration of user interfaces and process flows, through to customized integration and reporting. Thanks to our "evergreen " and " configurable" software, unforeseeable follow-up costs for software maintenance are a relic of the past.

Our IFS Community offers a large number of top experienced industry specialists worldwide to support you in implementing your future agenda in a service- and results-oriented manner.

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