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Pagero is a Swedish company that enables its customers to reach any business in the world through a single connection. Whether you come from construction, healthcare, or any other industry, Pagero’s Smart Business Network is compatible with any branch. Through this, documents - be they invoices, orders, instructions, or other business documents - can be securely exchanged between buyers and sellers, with Pagero taking care of the worldwide compliance. This enables customers to get things done faster, and they can focus on developing their core business. 

Apart from relieving their clients of the burden of dealing with the laws and requirements of different countries, communication within the company is facilitated, and invoices can be processed more efficiently. 
For seamless sending, Pagero collaborates with IFS. By turning P2P (Purchase-to-pay) and O2C (order-to-cash) processes digital, you will reduce costs and errors due to digital communication, receive emailed invoices and orders directly in IFS, and have an insight into all your operations. An implementation package will ensure that your IFS Applications are ready to use with Pagero’s solution.

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