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The IFS Implementation Methodology


The IFS Implementation Methodology ™ is structured to help our customers implement IFS software and achieve their goals in a timely and cost-effective manner. 

The IFS implementation methodology consists of five phases:

• Initiating the project phase
• Confirmation of the prototyping phase
• Setting up the solution phase
• Implementing the solution phase
• Go Live phase



The IFS Implementation Methodology is based on many years of experience in successfully implementing IFS software for a wide range of IFS customers, from single-site operations to multi-site and multi-country companies with many departments.

You get the tools and processes from the IFS Implementation Methodology that you need to reduce risk, shorten time to market and create a platform for future growth: all in all, you get a solution that is designed for long-term use. By using this methodology, you will have clear rollout templates, highly reusable project documentation, which also makes it easier to deploy similar solutions in other countries and locations and generally simplifies the cost-effective introduction of new modules and configurations.

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