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IFS acquires Customerville


With its Design-Driven Feedback™ platform, Customerville puts an end to monotonous online surveys. Its unique, attractively designed and sensibly structured customer experience surveys enable companies to get to know their customers' customer experience better and understand their needs.

IFS has also recognised the potential of the British company and has adopted its technology into the IFS Cloud offering. So from now on, IFS customers not only have the opportunity to strengthen the relationship with their own customers, but also to improve their sales and profitability and drive product, service and result innovations.

Feedback is the key to perfection. One of IFS' goals – delivering outstanding service moments – is supported by the Feedback Platform, which makes every survey a unique experience. Darren Roos, CEO of IFS, commented, "Customerville is highly differentiated in its field because it is Design-Driven, unlike competitors that offer surveys in static and flat formats, Customerville transforms customer surveys into rich, interactive experiences elevating customer response rates by between 400% and 600%. Successful VoC programs are proven to increase revenue, reduce costs and create a customer centric culture”.

The added value is not limited to customer engagement, but can also lead to better engagement internally with stakeholders, people, managers, employees, as well as across the ecosystem with partners, suppliers and others who influence success.  

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