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More Intense global competition, complex customer demands and tightening regulations


Maggie Slowik and Andrew Burton, IFS’s Global Industry Directors for Manufacturing, have come together to analyze key market insights that point to 5 unique predictions that outline how manufacturers can become more resilient in this new normal. 

Prediction 1:
By 2024, ESG Governance will have shaped the extent to which 70% of manufacturers are tracking their ESG scope 1 and 2 emissions using digital technology and improving the accuracy of their scope 3 metrics. 

Prediction 2:
By 2024, over high proportion of manufacturers will appoint resources to roles in digital science to support the development of their digital twin strategy.

Prediction 3:
Increased macroeconomic turbulence, will see 60% of manufacturers scale up digital investments beyond pilot purgatory to drive business value. 

Prediction 4:
By 2025, two out of three manufacturers will have digitally enhanced their legacy assets enabling them to be connected to their MES systems to improve productivity. 

Prediction 5:
By 2025, 40% of manufacturers will use AI to bolster business decision making.

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