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Robots - little helpers in industry


Robots are playing an increasingly important role in our world: be it in mechanical engineering, in the food industry or, as in this case, in the construction industry. 
Compared to other industries, robot technology is still barely represented in the construction industry. This could be due to the high costs that would be incurred if such machines were to be installed, or simply because of the fear of the lack of jobs. However, certain models are already being used and are proving to be particularly helpful. Drones, for example, are a proven tool when it comes to surveying, because they not only work more accurately and faster, but also save workers a lot of work that can be done more easily than ever before thanks to drones. 

So what can robots contribute to successful work? As mentioned earlier, robots can complete complex measurements and the like such as scanning, plans, etc. more accurately. And additionally they do it more rapid, qualitative and efficient. 

With the constant technical progress of our time, especially buildings that are very difficult for humans to construct can be perceived. 3D printing is the main focus here. In the Netherlands, it has already been used to print an entire pedestrian bridge. It is the longest 3D-printed bridge in the world. Its geometry required special accuracy, so 3D robotics was the most efficient way to build the bridge in a timely manner.

The latest interface technology is also used by IFS: this means that all the data supplied by the robotics can be transferred quickly, almost in real time, to the ERP system for efficient further processing.

Despite their trend, robots are a matter of getting used to and are often mistrusted, but they turn out to be important helpers that enable us to do things that could not be perceived by human hands.


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