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Sustainability: Either a Top or Very High Priority in the Boardroom


Sustainability is not just a buzzword, a phase or a trend. It is a very serious topic that many construction and engineering companies have now got front of mind and for good reason. In a recent report it was found that 40% of all CO2 emissions in the world originate from the construction industry – which is something that cannot be ignored.

In the Digital Future of Construction Webinar the attendees on the call agreed, with 50% indicating it was their number one priority and the remaining 50% indicating that is was a very high priority. The reality is that there will always be some form of pollution when you’re developing – the industrial revolution is a good example, the switch from hand forged to fossil-fuel powered machinery drastically increased construction output, but the bi-product was an increase in pollution. Fast-forward to today and the former is still very much the same, many economies are not able to develop without polluting however this is not a feasible long-term strategy.

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